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Industrial Products

AcetoneAcetone is the standard of the industry for cleaning tools and brushes while working in polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins. It is also the recommended solvent for removing greases and waxes from surfaces which are to be bonded, repaired or primed.
Concrete CleanerRemoves dirt, oil and other stains from driveways, asphalt, brick, concrete, paving and masonry.
Degreaser (Detergent)A powerful, high active, multi purpose heavy duty detergent, specifically formulated to remove oil, grease & grime from a wide range of engines & machinery. Very versatile, effective in hard, soft, warm or cold water.
Degreaser (Solvent)solvent based degreaser that rapidly dissolves oil, grease, brake dust, silicone and other contaminants.
DescaleA concentrated concrete, rust and scale remover.
Hydrochloric AcidA highly corrosive, strong mineral acid with many industrial uses. Ideal for removing cement from articulate machinery.
Scaffold Release LubricantScaffold assembly and anti-seize fluid, which is manufactured from highly refined paraffinic mineral oils fortified with corrosion inhibitors. Use of this product will facilitate easy and fast removal of scaffolding even when it has been erected for long periods of time.
Heavy Duty Floor CleanerA concentrated, low foam professional hard surface cleaner and maintainer for regular use. can be used via machine or manually.