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Janitorial Products

BleachGood deodoriser and sterilizer. A good general hygienic product, suitable for toilets, sinks and drains etc.
Carpet ShampooExtract carpet and upholstery cleaner with its blend of detergents and optical brighteners not only does it clean but it helps to restore the colours in the fabric.
Caustic SodaIdeal for heavy duty cleaning. Great at dealing with stubborn pipe blockages, removing products including grease and oil etc.
DescaleA concentrated concrete, rust and scale remover.
Glass CleanerQuickly removes dust, dirt, bugs, sap, oil, grease, fingerprints, and more from windscreens, windows, and mirrors leaking a crystal clear streak free finish.
Graffiti RemoverPowerful solvent effectively removes marker pen, ink, paint etc.
Heavy Duty Floor CleanerA concentrated, low foam professional hard surface cleaner and maintainer for regular use. can be used via machine or manually.
Multi - Purpose CleanerA great all-rounder. Use on those difficult to clean areas of the interior, such as headlining, door panels and boot linings.
Pine DisinfectantConcentrated disinfectant with pine oil – High bactericidal action cleaner, disinfectant and deodoriser. Ideal for a multitude of janitorial cleaning tasks.
SanitiserPowerful formula with no fragrance sanitzies and kills germs.
Tar & Glue RemoverSolvent liquid which acts fast against tar and glue. Uses include the removal of residue from glass windows, UPVC frames, vehicle surfaces and floor tiles. Can be used on glass, UPVC, metal, wood, marble, concrete, ceramic and terrazzo.
Weed KillerNon-selective residual weed killer which is ideal for getting rid of tough weeds. As it is very strong we recommend not to use near other plants.
Degreaser (Detergent)A powerful, high active, multi purpose heavy duty detergent, specifically formulated to remove oil, grease & grime from a wide range of engines & machinery. Very versatile, effective in hard, soft, warm or cold water.
Degreaser (Solvent)solvent based degreaser that rapidly dissolves oil, grease, brake dust, silicone and other contaminants.