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Vehicle Products

Anti-freeze/Summer CoolantManufactured from the finest chemicals to ensure it is safe for all engine types including aluminum engines. This product contains corrosion inhibitors and can be diluted down 1 parts antifreeze to 4 parts water to deal with typical UK conditions.
Aluminium CleanerA highly concentrated aluminium brightener that cleans and degreases aluminium wheels, trucks, trailers, doors etc.
Brake & Clutch CleanerRemoves brake dust, dirt and motoring grime from braking parts.
Chassis CleanerAn aggressive caustic based cleaner, ideal for use with a pressure washer for cleaning grease, road film etc from chassis, engine bay, and other oily components. Not recommended for cellulose paint.
Dashboard CleanersSilicone based renovator for dashboards, grills and plastic trims in: Bubblegum, Vanilla and Cherry in 400ml
De-ionised WaterHigh quality of ‘pure’ water and is produced by passing water through ion exchange resin beds which filter out and remove unwanted mineral salts and trace elements from the water. Used with any vehicle batteries.
Glass CleanerQuickly removes dust, dirt, bugs, sap, oil, grease, fingerprints, and more from windscreens, windows, and mirrors leaking a crystal clear streak free finish.
Pink SheenA specialist cleaner and polish/dressing designed to enhance the appearance of all interior plastic, vinyl, rubber and metal surfaces.
Pink Wax PolishHigh quality polish specially designed to produce a gloss finish and removes dullness, leaving a showroom touch.
Rinse WaxA specially formulated wax based rinse aid which will not only leave a glossy finish but will promote water beading for quicker drying and better protection from the rain.
Screen WashAn all season screen wash cleans all types of dirt, grime, tar and sap from your windows, leaving a spotless, streak clear finish.
Tar & Glue RemoverSolvent liquid which acts fast against tar and glue. Uses include the removal of residue from glass windows, UPVC frames, vehicle surfaces and floor tiles. Can be used on glass, UPVC, metal, wood, marble, concrete, ceramic and terrazzo.
Tyre ShineGives tyres a long lasting gloss finish, to make them shine like new.
Upholstery CleanerThe pleasantly fragrant Upholstery Cleaner is ideal for spot removal, with its deep cleaning action. Works well with an Upholstery Cleaning extraction machine.
Wash & WaxConcentrated Wash & Wax removes stubborn dirt, grime and other harmful deposits which become stuck on the car, whilst leaving a streak free shine.
Wheel AcidCleans and Brightens alloy wheels without the need for excessive scrubbing. removes brake dust and rust.
Wheel Cleaner (Non-Acid)Powerful non-acid based wheel cleaner. Enhances the appearance of wheels without the use of strong acids