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Traffic Film Removers

TFR (4)An excellent everyday all round caustic-free traffic film remover that will give excellent results in removing road film and grime from all types of vehicle
TFR Caustic (5)An aggressive heavy duty traffic film remover, for cleaning chassis and engine, agricultural plants and machinery. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CELLULOSE PAINT
TFR Super (6)A powerful, concentrated caustic free traffic film remover which removes tough built up dirt and traffic film on all types of vehicles. Can be applied manually or through a pressure washer.

TFR + WaxAll in one traffic film remover which removes tough built up dirt and traffic film on all types of vehicles whilst leaving a showroom shine. Can be made to be caustic or non-caustic.

TFR Traffic Film Remover is a powerful solution designed to remove “Traffic Film” that you would find floating in the air on busy roads and motorways. These can include un-burnt fuel, iron, oil, soot, brake dust, tar, bitumen and cement dust. Vehicles which are constantly being used, collect dirt and grime which is made up of acidic particles which can be harmful to the paintwork. The alkaline detergent counteracts with the environmental pollutants and contaminants. These particles are attracted to the surface of a vehicle and can get buried deep into the surface. Because these contaminants are made up of heavy materials and metals they are unlikely to be removed by traditional shampoos and soaps. Traffic film remover is a heavy-duty product which penetrates deep down into the surface and lifts the contaminants off.

When you are running a busy fleet, you want your vehicles to look their best, but with minimum effort and costs. Our Traffic Film Removers allow companies with a fleet of vehicles to be maintained and well presented on the roads. Keeping your business brand looking professional and presentable to potential customers.

TFR can be applied either manually or automatically, through a pressure washing machine.

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